Exhibitor Center

Professional Visitors

污水处理厂 电镀企业 制药企业 化工企业
Sewage Treatment Plants Electroplating Enterprises Pharmaceutical Enterprises Chemical Enterprises

Procurement Groups

During Water China exhibition, there will be buyer groups composed of terminal users of water treatment industry, including groups from LED industry association, Solar Energy Industry Association, Municipal Water Supply Association, Electron Industry Association, Oil and Chemistry Industry Association, Paper Making Industry Association and so on. They will have face-to-face communication with Exhibitors. Undoubtedly, such business matching activities is more effective.

Promotion Platform

over 100 professional magazines, newspaper and websites in China and overseas
consulates in over 20 countries
lots of Wechat platforms
tickets handed out in Chinese professional exhibitions
200,000 invitations handed out in Canton Fair
1,000,000 text messages publishing the exhibition information
1,000,000 Emails inviting global purchasing agents