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Sustainable Solutions to Water Environment
Leading Trends on Global Water Industry

The Most Influential Water Exhibition in South China

Excellent Water Show with Superior Quality, Profession and Authority in South China

As an excellent,efficient and high-end water treatment platform, Water China has ranked on top in South China, due to its accurate market positioning, strategic decisions and broad marketing channels. The profession, authority and influence has been widely received by the industry.Water China (Guangzhou)2016 will usher in a new development phase. Against the backdrop of the release of "The Action Plan of Water Pollution Prevention", the scale of Water China has been continuously enlarged.About 600 enterprises and 20,000 visitors worldwide will attend the exhibition in 2016.Meanwhile, lots of cutting-edge water treatment products and technologies will be shown.

Exhibition highlights

All-out Water Treatment Feast with Four International Pavilions and Six Theme Zones

°Ô Euro Pavilion °Ô Korea Pavilion °Ô Japan Pavilion °Ô Taiwan Pavilion

  1. Sewage Treatment Zone
  2. Membrane Technology and Equipment Zone
  3. Water Purification Zone
  4. Pumps, Pipe and Valve Zone
  5. Air Purification Zone
  6. Solid Waste Treatment Zone

High-end Forums Sharing Advanced Technologies and Trends

°ÔTechnical Forum

South China Water Investment and Financing Forum

Electroplating Wastewater Treatment Technology Conference

Conference on Development of China Water Purification Industry

Water Treatment Technology Conference

Water Treatment Engineers Conference

Seminar on Membrane Technology in Pharmaceuticals Industry

Innovation Forum on Pump and Valve Technology

Conference on Sludge Treatment, Disposal and Reclamation

Seminar of New Technical Development on Municipal Sewage Treatment

2016 High-end Training on Water and Air Purification

°ÔWindow of Enterprises

New Products and Technology Integrated Solutions Collection

Enterprise Promotion Seminar

Promotion Platform

over 100 professional magazines, newspaper and websites in China and overseas
consulates in over 20 countries
lots of Wechat platforms
tickets handed out in Chinese professional exhibitions
200,000 invitations handed out in Canton Fair
1,000,000 text messages publishing the exhibition information
1,000,000 Emails inviting global purchasing agents

Procurement Groups

During Water China exhibition, there will be buyer groups composed of terminal users of water treatment industry, including groups from LED industry association, Solar Energy Industry Association, Municipal Water Supply Association, Electron Industry Association, Oil and Chemistry Industry Association, Paper Making Industry Association and so on. They will have face-to-face communication with Exhibitors. Undoubtedly, such business matching activities is more effective.

Exhibition Content

Desalination Technology & Equipment
Seawater Desalination£¨Industrial Wastewater , Urban Wastewater Treatment Sterilization equipment: ozone generator, mixing tower, UV lamp sterilization, disinfectant

Membrane Technology & Equipment

Water Purification Technology & Equipment
Drinking equipment: water dispenser, water fountain, water softener, livingwater machine, pipeline water dispenser
Water purification equipment : central water purification system, water purifier, RO water purifier, NF and UF machines
Water purification Material: active carbon, PPF, UF membrane, NF membrane, RO membrane, resin water softener

Fluid Automation & Automatic Control Equipment
water pumps, meters, valves, pipes and parts, pipes maintenance technology and equipment, automatic control system and equipment

Air Purification Technology & Equipment

Solid Waste Treatment Technology & Equipment
wastes and landfill leachate, sludge treatment, soil remediation