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Desalination Technology & Equipment
Seawater Desalination£¨Industrial Wastewater , Urban Wastewater Treatment Sterilization equipment: ozone generator, mixing tower, UV lamp sterilization, disinfectant

Membrane Technology & Equipment

Water Purification Technology & Equipment
Drinking equipment: water dispenser, water fountain, water softener, livingwater machine, pipeline water dispenser
Water purification equipment : central water purification system, water purifier, RO water purifier, NF and UF machines
Water purification Material: active carbon, PPF, UF membrane, NF membrane, RO membrane, resin water softener

Fluid Automation & Automatic Control Equipment
water pumps, meters, valves, pipes and parts, pipes maintenance technology and equipment, automatic control system and equipment

Air Purification Technology & Equipment

Solid Waste Treatment Technology & Equipment
wastes and landfill leachate, sludge treatment, soil remediation